Addictions include chronic gambling, substance abuse, sexual addictions, unrestrained shopping and spending, hoarding, excessive exercising, Internet gaming, eating disorders, and other behaviors. Any compulsive behavior can become an addiction when the act spirals out of control, impairing a person’s ability to function socially, academically, or professionally. Addictive behaviors often result in feelings of distress, guilt, or shame, and abstaining from the behavior provokes anxiety or proves to be near impossible.

Symptoms that suggest an addiction has become problematic:

  • Interpersonal and professional relationship problems
  • Concealment of the behavior
  • Denial of a problem
  • Inability to stop the behavior
  • Alternating feelings of anxiety, confusion, shame, or elation that revolve around the behavior
  • Withdrawal from or a lack of enjoyment in other activities
  • Seeking the company of others who pursue the activity, or conducting the activity only in isolation
  • Fear surrounding the potential repercussions associated with continuing the activity


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