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Individual counseling is also known as psychotherapy or talk therapy. It is a joint process between counselor and client that aims to expedite change and improve quality of life. Counseling can help people confront barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being, and it can also increase positive feelings such as compassion, self-esteem, love, courage, and peace. Individual counseling can treat specific mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD, in addition to everyday concerns, such as relationship problems, stress management, career ambitions, or other issues that may affect a person's mental well-being.



When Is Individual Counseling Recommended?

When specific issues or mental health conditions begin to cause distress and interfere with a person's daily activities, it may be time to seek counseling. Distress can manifest in the form of problematic beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and sensations in the body. New Directions counselors can facilitate lifestyle changes, serve as a listening ear, help identify underlying causes of symptoms, and provide specific strategies or techniques for changing unwanted thoughts, behaviors, or emotions. Through counseling, individuals gather tools to manage symptoms, learn to alleviate stress, and how to face challenges.


Personal Growth & Development

Individual counseling is not only designed for people that encounter problems in their lives. Many individuals are seeking professional counseling in their personal growth and development. Individuals can benefit from counseling to maintain a healthy balance with their emotional well being and to explore their inner potentials. For example, Dr. Rockwell specializes in career counseling.

New Directions does extensive work with couples, individuals, and families providing confidential, professional care.


There are many reasons an individual might want to seek counseling:

  • Emotional support
  • Relationship counseling
  • Personal growth & development
  • Women's issues
  • Men's issues
  • Parenting
  • Behavioral health issues


Medication for behavioral issues - At New Directions, we seek to avoid medication when possible and find alternative solutions to help clients feel like they are functioning well on their own. If you need medication in addition to counseling, we will help you with a referral.

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